About us

About us

About us

Debochado was founded in 2014 with the philosophy to let men looking also good at the pool or at the beach. With a swim short that should fit and be comfortable at the same time. A short where you can show up at the pool,-beach,- or hotelbar. But also where you can walk on warm summerdays through the shopping streets and cafés and be well dressed. A timeless clothing piece but always modern in his style. Highlevel production and top quality are therefore our highest priority! Simply a swim short in which you have got the feeling to wear something special and you love to show yourself.



The product development was in Germany and for cut and design we proudly were able to recruit an experienced designer (worked for Bogner, ESCADA, etc.). In our research for the right manufacturer in textiles and clothing for our highquality product, we didn´t make it easy for ourselves. Certain criteria had to be satisfied: 

  • strategically optimal location
  • well educated employees
  • good empolyee conditions
  • state of the art textile technology
  • complying ecological standards
  • able to produce in highclass

We found producer of this category in Portugal.



Debochado was founded by Armando Lucio, who had often to be satisfied with compromises, on his search for the right swim short:


 „ It took sometimes years until I found the right swim short, which I roughly liked in style and cut. A swim short in high quality, that is fitting, still comfortable and where you´re impressive. I was ready to spend more money for the right one. But mostly they where compromises, because the one or the other detail was not as I imagined.

As I´m jetting a lot around the world due to my job, I had to see a lot of horrifying swimwaer on men.

But in diverse conversations with friends and other men, I found out that it´s the same with them. Because not only the women love to show up swanky and stylish at the pool or at the beach, but also we men!

As I didn´t want to loose more years in searching and as I wanted to do something good for the men´s world, I decided to create this short by myself."

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